Prepare a Cottage for Me

The Father of souls constructed the earth

Of which I am quite familiar

He also arranged for Heaven’s birth,

A place I do not remember


I’ve dreamt of that celestial realm

And what perhaps it will be like

That Land with Jesus at its helm

And beauty forever in sight


The music of harps fills the air

The sweet song of birds never cease

The choirs up there cannot compare

To any song of earth’s expertise


Perhaps the mountains are made of glass

And the roads are paved with gold

And all the fields are of lush green grass

That will never wither or get old


Mankind has not seen the like of

The rivers and skies and the trees

In that world of brotherly love

With flags of freedom rip’ling in the breeze


But with all of this, there is still more,

A mansion fills the surreal lot

The type that is dreamt of by the rich and the poor

Elegant beyond mortal thought


All the rooms are unblemished and clean

And the ceilings are never a small height

The wall hangings are a beautiful thing

And the many windows bring in the sunlight


Staircases flow from floor to floor

Fountains are all over, inside and out

Hallways like have never been seen before

And chandeliers, unique I do not doubt


The door is made of sturdy black oak

The porch is broad with pillars that are white

It makes gapers of any kind of folk

Because of the splendor of the sight


There are many divine mansions like this

Prepared for those who lived a noble life

To bring them happiness and bliss

As they dwell and spend their afterlife


But I wouldn’t want a house like that

As elegant as it may be wherein

They are more for looking at

And not for living in


Without a shelter I’d rather be

Then to have a house that is not a home

A home must be a place that is holy

With enough land around to just roam


I must have fruit trees and a garden patch

So, for that, I’ll need plenty of land

The value of hard work can have no match

So I’ll need a shovel in my hand


Even though in heaven it will be

I’m certain there will be a need

For the abiding truth that nothing is free

It always costs sweat to grow any seed


Our family will rise up early each day

To work in the garden and on the farm

But still allow plenty of time to play

And time to rest our hand, foot, and arm


There must be a nice big place

Where the kids can go to play in the mud

And a brook to clean their body and face

I’d never raise pansies afraid of a dirt or blood


Land to have chickens and a few cows

Even a little spot for a horse or two

And sycamore trees with large boughs

For the kids to climb through and through


The house of our home must be

something that is small enough to keep clean

For the children are sure to track in debris

Or mud or snow or anything in between


Yes, Dear Lord, a farm house please give me

With a barn and land for us to dwell

Something simple as can be

And that, for me, would be very well


If I am righteous enough to come,

And I hope and I pray that I will be,

Prepare a mansion for them

but please prepare a cottage for me.


Haley Daley

June 2016


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