This Tear-Stained Parchment

My heart will fill with perfect glee

In the beautiful days of spring

And I’ll show the world what I see

On this tear-stained parchment


And every year when the first snow

Comes in the stillness of winter

I tell the way my soul does glow

On this tear-stained parchment


I have well come to know

The sweetness of a child

And all those lovely feelings I’ll show

On this tear-stained parchment


When I lost the life of a friend

One thing helped dilute my sorrow

Through such a sad and early end

T’was this tear-stained parchment


And though they may not always be pretty

Or wise or clever or bold

The words keep flowing though they may not be witty

Onto this tear-stained parchment


And it seems I always find

Words when I feel I have none

A river of them flows from my mind

For this tear-stained parchment


And I don’t think I’ll ever cease

Writing words through all my days

For it seems to bring me peace

This tear-stained parchment


Haley Daley


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